Web Design FAQ

Web Design FAQ.

Here are some of our FAQ’s that we have fielded prior to signing with us. We are picky on who we work with and so should you. We want our partnerships to be solid and we want to be as transparent as possible. Hope these questions and answers help.


Chris Lott, Developer/Owner

QUESTION: So I provide you the content but you coach me on what is needed and how you may paraphrase??? Or am I just providing and you are posting?

ANSWER: Yes, you would provide the content and I would make sure everything is SEO (search engine optimized) and on top of that… I will have an SEO tool (widget) that will help you with this as well that will be part of your website. Coaching you through this process is part of the build. It sounds more complicated than it really is. I promise. With that said… content is king when it comes to getting folks to your site.

Some items to think about:
1.) Content needs to be original and if resources are used they need to be documented. Should be around 300 words to 1000 only.
2.) Content should be resource in nature, especially for the blog, so as to add credibility and can be repurposed for years to come. I will go into this more as we progress.
3.) You can hire me to research and write articles and pages if so desired. I have done this for years.
4.) Using Partner media is great but we should try to make it yours so as to not get into the “duplicate content” trap that Google penalizes on. We’ll just have to see what is offered.

QUESTION: I am not too concerned about switching from my current provider if it makes it easier on you. That said with either staying with my provider or moving the site to another is there any benefit of reduced down time? I don’t really want the site down for 3 months if that can be avoided.

ANSWER: Your provider actually might be fine. I have never dealt with them so I would have to get into your account and see what the options are. Your site will not be down at all. In your case, as no one is finding your site right now, I will develop live (website up) with the main page being first priority.

A couple of questions:
1.) How long have you hosted your site with your current provider?
2.) How long have you had your domain and where is the domain hosted?

QUESTION: If you can provide me the reader’s digest version what is better about Bluehost/Hostmonster compared to my provider I would appreciate it.

ANSWER: I have used bluehost/hostmonster for years. Their support for WordPress is very good and their uptime has been pretty strong. I like their 1-click solutions (WordPress installs) and how easy they make SSL Certificate process. Again, I personally have never used your provider but the link to the comparison rated them pretty highly but not the best. Bluehost/hostmonster are also endorsed by the WordPress.org team.

QUESTION: Can you expand on what needs to happen for me to get an account with Bing and Google? I am assuming there is some costs that I will incur for different things outside of you and the domain provider and they need an account to take the money from? What are we talking here?

ANSWER: The good news is there is absolutely no charge for getting a business place set up on these two. I will walk you through the process. It is really simple but there can be gotchas. There will be some costs (widgets, theme, etc.) but I will keep those to a minimum. Typically these costs are pretty reasonable going anywhere from a few bucks to maybe $40 or so. Most times we can use the “free” version and will try to do so.

A couple of questions:
1.) Do you have a gmail email account?
2.) Do you have a facebook (business) or Microsoft/Hotmail account (email)?
3.) Do you have an office or are you working from home? I will need your business address either way.

QUESTION: Please remember I am a complete novice at this and I am apprehensive that you may assume I know something and I don’t.

ANSWER: Understood… I will be there for the whole process. You will be advised of all progress with the portal and notifications. You can contact me anytime.

QUESTION: What are the gotcha’s that I need to be aware of?

ANSWER: Shouldn’t be any and I have gone to great lengths to make things “transparent” with my portal and quote. Typically the only time there becomes a “gotcha” is when communications have broke down and assignments get delayed. I have included a timeline (approximate) but could be much quicker. We’ll see.

Note: Also, please understand a lot of your lead gen success depends on what Google does as well. Your site will be set up for optimum SEO capability but this can take a while, or not, with Google/Bing. There is simply no way to know for sure and if anyone tells you different doesn’t know what they are talking about. I will also advertise your site on my LinkedIn (30K) and Twitter (17K) accounts which should help.

With that said… having a credible site will be your conversion brochure etc. for all your sales venues. Your appearance will be much bigger than you really are. Ultimately way less expensive than trying to do traditional marketing that’s not working today.