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Syndicated award winning sales success articles. Powerful material for your next sales meeting and sales training! Sales topics from a top-ranked sales manager with a 10-year history of sales success. Topics like: Sales Burnout, Time Management Success, Integrity Selling and many, many more. Featured as a top must-read blog on Consultative Selling!


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Designed for sales professionals by a sales and management professional. This totallysales™ Sales PlayBook is designed for the salesperson to fill out on what they think they need to do to be successful. Then the manager can mentor their progress regularly throughout the year. A real win-win and partnership for both the sales manager and sales professional!


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totallysales™ Sales Challenge Quiz is designed to root out whether the participant truly understands sales techniques and processes. This can be for self-evaluation or used as a pre-interview screening tool. The questions can be subjective rooting out sales philosophies. It only takes a couple of minutes and at the very least it can be informative and fun. Take the challenge!
company website

Company Website. Is a Designer Cheaper than DIY?

You’ve seen the ads where you can put up a company website in minutes at a crazy great price. But are they really cheaper than using a Web Developer?

website security

Should You Care About WordPress Site Security?

WordPress website security Do’s and Don’ts. Take site security seriously as your online business future may just rely on it.


Business Cloud Communications, Social Media, and Web Presence.

Between employees future needs and clients technology demands you really can’t afford to not look at the cloud for answers.

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