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An incredible adviser (consultant) that needed to get the word out! Voipwerx.com was originally built on a DIY platform. The owner of Voip Werx quickly realized that he was getting nothing from it and was a bit overwhelmed over the entire “web build process”. He contacted totallysales™ through a referral and now he has a full on SEO web design website any company would be proud of. When the leads and sales start even more so.

Voip Werx before SEO Web Design

Voip Werx Before

You can easily see the difference on the new Voip Werx site aesthetically but more importantly is the site has been optimized now for SEO web design and converting traffic. A real focus on what this company does as well as a focus on credibility and experience has been obtained. Of course there will be much more (like more blog article content) that will be needed but what a great start!

“Chris, I can’t say enough about what a pleasure it has been working with you on this project. You certainly over delivered. Thank you!” – David Laake Managing Partner, Voip Werx LLC

Web Marketing that Works.

You know it’s time for a new website. Maybe you’re a new business start-up and have no clue where to begin. Or possibly you’re an existing business tired of your old site that’s not even a good online business card or brochure. So many have tried to build their own website, or paid too much money for a mediocre one, that failed with no one visiting much less purchasing. Sound familiar?

DIY: How many times are you going to be lured into a “cheap” web build solution to have it look terrible, not convert, and a total waste of time and money? Stop it! Let us help you get it right the first time with a complete discovery, analysis and solution delivered on budget and in a timely manner. We will never over promise and under deliver. totallysales™ will set things up for you to continue on simple and easy.

If this makes sense then feel free to Click “Learn More” to the right. We would love to earn your business!

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