Fidelis Inc.

Fidelis Inc. – A Lead Gen Success

While the Fidelis, Inc website was not built by totallysales technically I did rebuild it for lead gen while employed as their sales and marketing manager.

A fantastic lead gen story for a great IT company. Fidelis understood the value of a company website. They had even hired a consultant to help with their endeavors early on. Unfortunately the site was very basic and did not draw much attention. This was a perfect example of an article I wrote: Build a Website and they will come. Not necessarily. They were aware of this, of course, and were beginning down the path of hiring a new web developer. I was asked to sit in the meeting. I just couldn’t help myself and asked to take on the project for them.

How Did Fidelis Became a Lead Gen Success?

So, I changed the design to a more professional main (“lobby” as one of the owners would say) front page. Enhanced the SEO and conversion tactics. Inspired the whole company to be involved in writing blog resource articles and so on… Fidelis became a success story of a re-designed company website that was receiving so many leads they had to turn some down! The wonderful news is that this was just a beginning for them.

Bonus: One of the truly added values to all this work was Fidelis, Inc. was able to attract outside the area businesses that were adding a local site and needed local services. Something that really could only be achieved through a correct SEO direction and tactic.

I had set the stage for them to take this site and expand upon it in the right direction this time. They now have a second location and website that they are doing themselves and my guess successfully. While I have many companies go on a maintenance program with me I do build the sites to be self maintained if wanted.

Web Marketing that Works.

You know it’s time for a new website. Maybe you’re a new business start-up and have no clue where to begin. Or possibly you’re an existing business tired of your old site that’s not even a good online business card or brochure. So many have tried to build their own website, or paid too much money for a mediocre one, that failed with no one visiting much less purchasing. Sound familiar?

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