2018 totallysales Sales Playbook – 4 Plays Sales Success Program.

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2018 totallysales Sales Playbook – Designed for sales professionals by a sales and management professional. Here's what others are saying:

Now with Bonus Business Owner/Sales Manager feature articles: How to Present a Sales Playbook and Ramp Up Salespeople in less than thirty days!

“Home Run… Just a quick note of thanks for allowing me to connect. I have reviewed your Playbook and must say you hit a home run. I especially like the correlation between Good vs Great. Over the years I have seen both and with this tool you should have no excuses. One should always plan their work and work their plan. Again well done.” – Wes

“I was recently given the opportunity to lead a sales team. The first thing I did was get this playbook. As a rep, I'd worked for Chris and knew the Success Playbook well. When I showed this to my team and my bosses, they all reacted the same way: just what we need! Every sales manager and his/her team needs to use this Playbook!” – Stuart

“If you've always wanted to set goals but haven't or have procrastinated, Chris Lott makes it easy with his template to keep you focused! I've had sales reps use Chris's playbook many times, those who do, succeed. If you're looking for the sales magic bullet, goal setting with intention, this is likely the closest thing you'll find!” – Cassandra

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