The totallysales™ Dare to Compare Tool

Dare To Compare.

Shop around and then compare what we have to offer.

Welcome to our totallysales™ Dare to Compare Tool. Below are some of our highlighted features and services that can be part of your customized web design. Just print the below comparison and then check off what other developers and DIY sites offer. There is so much more to building a website that needs to be considered. Don’t take our word for it… do the research and you’ll see we do know what we are talking about. We even dare you to compare!

1000’s of Responsive and Mobile-View Designs
SEO Enhanced Blogging Platform
SEO Keyword Tracking
Security and Spam Protection
Simple and Easy eCommerce
Off Site Backup Setup
Internal Dashboard with Analytics, Sales and Success Metrics
Detailed Project Management (online) including timeline, updates, financials, milestones/tasks and support tickets
Sales, Marketing and Business Ownership Expertise
In-depth Online Interview Process
Syndicated Author Content Offering
Proven Social Media Direction and Integration
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