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15+ Years Experience

Hello and welcome to totallysales™! totallysales™ has gone through many variations over the last 17 years from 100% custom coded to the WordPress powerhouse it is today. After all these years of personal development, and designing sites for companies I worked for, I thought it made sense to strike out on my own and share the knowledge gleaned.

I’m also a syndicated author of original sales-business technology articles for my SalesBlog! website that enjoys 100’s of thousands of hits a month! I am responsible for the design, optimization and marketing of SalesBlog! and totallysales™ which has included custom programming using PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL and graphic design tools. Marketing has been accomplished using customized SEO techniques and creative use of Social Media. It’s my love, what can I say.

Feel free to check out my professional background on LinkedIn of which I have 30 thousand connections that I am happy to share.

CHECK IT OUT! Google ‘sales burnout’ to see an SEO achievement of mine!

Enjoy totallysales™ and SalesBlog! and if makes sense to partner up with us to drive sales, credibility and leads let me know. I would love to help!


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