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Over 15 Years Experienced Sales Coach and Sales Trainer.

Sales Coaching. One on One Approach.

CEO, Sales leader, entrepreneur, sales pro, sales newbie… are you struggling with sales? Not a lot of experience in sales? Maybe you’ve lost that sales mojo or possibly never received proper sales training? Do what athletes do when they’re in a slump… they hire a coach! An experienced sales professional / sales coach and trainer that can teach you not only how to sell but to get comfortable with the whole selling process. To be honest I’m not cheap… but what if I could help you increase sales 3 times, 10 times or more! What if you come away with powerful sales strategies and techniques that last a lifetime. What’s that worth!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are Chris Lott.” – Jeff Vance

I can help you close deals in the short term, gain skills for the long term and overcome weaknesses that might be holding you back. I’ll give you my experienced guidance as well as tough love. I can help you prepare for a big call, and even play “devils advocate” to anticipate the directions it might take. Afterward, I can review the call with you to find ways you could have done better for example.


How does sales coaching work?

When you sign on, you get two or three calls a week typically, but can talk to me anytime you want.

All the information in my Sales Success Program is presented as well including the popular totallysales™ Sales Playbook– 4 Plays Sales Success Program!

My advice can cover everything from how to make a cold call to more sophisticated, psychological aspects of working in sales. I help confront your own hangups that might be keeping you from succeeding in sales. Getting your noggin straight so to speak. I also help with strategies and techniques necessary to become a true sales professional.

I charge a flat fee for a three-month commitment. After that I charge a monthly fee for the next three months. I am open to clients staying on a longer-term if necessary.

Note: Many times the company you work for will give a reimbursement for some of your training, thanks to an education program possibly.


Sales Training. Team Approach.

Maybe the sales coaching direction is not for you but your sales team is struggling and they need to get motivated quickly! Let me fire up your troops with my 12 step sales training program. This is a 1 to 2 day seminar of focused sales exceptionalism! Discussions encouraged.


totallysales™ Sales Success Training agenda.

Pre-Agenda: Take the Challenge, take the totallysales™ Sales Challenge Quiz!

1. Selling Language. How do you communicate.
2. Individual is Team Success. Individuality.
3. Attitude is Everything. It’s your responsibility.
3. Sales Chunking. Learning that sticks.
4. Drive Defined. Can it be learned?
5. Skill Set. What is it and how can it be used.
6. totallysales™ Sales Playbook– 4 Plays Sales Success Program.

  • It’s Your Plan.
  • Strategy of the Plan.
  • Activity of the Plan.
  • Commitment to the Plan.

7. Motivation and Commitment. Evangelism and more.
8. Relationships. People, concepts and feelings.
9. Self Generating Solutions. DIY problem solving.
10. Non Action Pain. Pain motivates.
11. Successes and Losses. Without paralysis by analysis.
12. Well-being. Health, education and spirit.


The Real Deal.

My background as a sales trainer / sales coach comes from years of “in the trenches” experience. I’m a syndicated author with a “top must read blog” on consultative selling. I have actually led sales teams that I trained locally and nationally. Designed the popular Sales Playbook and Sales Challenge Quiz. I am the real deal!

“Chris is a phenomenal mentor and sales leader. His passion for the sales process… inspires his team on to greatness.” – Carol Bell

I am not a trainer of theory. The topics I train on and the information I present are based on winning information I experienced personally. Subject matter that is instantly recognized as credible and helpful by not just the new sales person but by the experienced sales professional as well.

To get a better idea of what my background is and what those that have worked with and for me think check out my LinkedIn profile. I have over 40+ recommendations!

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