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Company Website. Is a Designer Cheaper than DIY?

A company website can be one of the last things that a startup business might consider. Many times with no idea of where to start and a lack of understanding of the having one in the first place. And yet, in today’s competitive marketplace, a well designed marketing enabled site can be huge to their ramp up success and credibility. Even if their market is local only.

Those that finally wake up to the need and importance of a company website are faced with a couple of options. Build it themselves or have someone do it for them. The later being much more expensive. Or is it?



Business Cloud Communications, Social Media, and Web Presence.

Phones, phone lines, internet, websites, social media and the list goes on. Who would have thought that this new marketing – communications direction would be a company’s newest and maybe even top concern?

So what’s working and what isn’t? Where do you put your time and money?



Build a Website and They Will Come. Not Necessarily.

Have you built a site using WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, etc. and then couldn’t figure out how to get traffic to it?

While DIY (Do it Yourself) website offerings can really help the budget it needs to be understood that this process is really only the tip of the iceberg to site success.The adage of – build a website and they will come – simply does not apply to the internet. There are just too many sites out there for that to work.