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Voip Werx LLC – DIY to SEO Web Design

An incredible adviser (consultant) that needed to get the word out! Voipwerx.com was originally built on a DIY platform. The owner of Voip Werx quickly realized that he was getting nothing from it and was a bit overwhelmed over the entire “web build process”. He contacted totallysales™ through a referral and now he has a full on SEO web design website any company would be proud of. When the leads and sales start even more so.


Fidelis Inc.

Fidelis Inc. – A Lead Gen Success

While the Fidelis, Inc website was not built by totallysales technically I did rebuild it for lead gen while employed as their sales and marketing manager.

A fantastic lead gen story for a great IT company. Fidelis understood the value of a company website. They had even hired a consultant to help with their endeavors early on. Unfortunately the site was very basic and did not draw much attention. This was a perfect example of an article I wrote: Build a Website and they will come. Not necessarily. They were aware of this, of course, and were beginning down the path of hiring a new web developer. I was asked to sit in the meeting. I just couldn’t help myself and asked to take on the project for them.