Business Cloud Communications, Social Media, and Web Presence.

Phones, phone lines, internet, websites, social media and the list goes on. Who would have thought that this new marketing – communications direction would be a company’s newest and maybe even top concern?

So what’s working and what isn’t? Where do you put your time and money?


Website and Social Media involvement is Crucial to Business Marketing

Years ago I was advising businesses and sales professionals to get involved with social media and websites. Those that caught the vision early are now reaping the rewards of lead generation, online sales, and credibility. Isn’t it time that you catch this powerful business marketing wave?

Social Media: Is your business culture social media friendly or are your policies so restrictive you’ve become social media non-existent?

In LinkedIn for example, I love being able to connect with a decision maker without having to get past the gatekeeper. With that said… I would not be able to do this if I hadn’t put some time into my LinkedIn profile and was credible. You need to be thought of as the EXPERT in your field and/or the vertical you are selling to. The same would apply to all forms of social media.

Website: Social media isn’t enough however. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A WEBSITE PRESENCE! You need to have a venue that you can PROVE your expertise. To just throw a generic “me to” ad out blindly is a waste of money and time in today’s market. The new consumer expects much more. I know I do.

One of the first things I do when I see something of interest is check out their website. Heck, even my 9 year old does this. I want to be informed, sold, and comfortable doing business online with you. At the very least I want to know you’re a credible resource which will motivate me to call. To achieve this you need to spend some time writing (blog, website content) on what you know and what you do. Your remarkable message. I need to be motivated to spend money immediately and/or make a call to your business.

“Where do you go to get information on products, businesses, and/or services? So do your potential customers.”

Build a Site and They Will Come?

Sounds easy right? Sign up on a couple of social media sites and throw together a website and they will come. Unfortunately there’s a bit more to this. That is why there are so many companies advertising “help” in this regard. Consumers need to find your website out of millions. How the heck do you do that?
The details of how this is done is way past the scope of this article. You can spend hours and hours, as I have done, researching this strategy – process that changes almost daily. Or, you can hire a reputable company to help get your site to show up on a top search page (rank). I recommend the later.

“If they can’t find you and your website offering, then all your online work is for nothing.”

WARNING: After checking up on some online “experts” I have found most of these SEO WEBSITE companies lacking and some misleading. I have always found it interesting that these so-called expert company websites don’t even rank well. If they can’t get their own website to rank then how can they really help you?

If your business doesn’t have the correct presence in today’s market doesn’t it make sense you’re most likely LOSING BUSINESS? LEADS? CREDIBILITY?


Cloud Communications Just Makes Good Business Sense

Over the years I have written articles and white papers on the cons of using a hosted phone solution in a business environment. My rantings were really not so much against the technology per se but more about the provider implementations. I found most did so poorly with the end user typically left dealing with terrible quality and service. Bad for business. Some making a large capital investment in phones that became expensive paper weights. Things have changed.

“Between employees future needs and clients technology demands you really can’t afford to not look at the cloud for answers.” -Chris Lott

Like most new technology offerings they take a while to mature. Hosted communications has matured in a big way. They now truly understand the importance of business communications, their needs, and have experienced telecom personnel on board, have convinced me that cloud communications is ready for prime time.

Here are some solid business reasons to go with hosted communications:

  • No capital investment
  • No maintenance costs
  • Flexible easy growth – Simple to install and maintain
  • Easy and simple multi-site (enterprise) and/or remote user solutions

The bottom line is that Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) days are numbered. Housing the phone system within your organization really doesn’t make sense anymore. What telecom expenses are you dealing with today?

  • Expensive backup – redundant technology
  • Old telecom servers – hard drives and costs to update
  • No resiliency or high costs to provide
  • Remote and mobile user technology not available or expensive to implement
  • High maintenance costs
  • Hard to administer

Get on Board Now!

To be successful today you need to have a strong flexible business communications tool, mobility, and a solid internet online presence. You should have a partner that understands how these technologies work together for your specific business model. The solution needs to be in the cloud. If you are not putting this into your immediate technology plan then you are going to wish you had. Consider those businesses that could have jumped on these solutions 3 years ago. Where would they be today with lead generation, online sales, and credibility? How about you? Don’t wait any longer.

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