Build a Website and They Will Come. Not Necessarily.
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Have you built a website using WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, etc. and then couldn’t figure out how to get traffic to it?

While DIY (Do it Yourself) website offerings can really help the budget it needs to be understood that this process is really only the tip of the iceberg to site success.The adage of – build a website and they will come – simply does not apply to the internet. There are just too many sites out there for that to work.


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Also, believe it or not, having a breathtaking looking site doesn’t necessarily translate to site success either.

There are a few ways to get traffic to your site. Almost all of them have a pretty big learning curve. Social Media connections, Pay Per Click, Site Optimization, Link building, Keywords, etc. are just a few of the ways to get multiple someones onto your work of art. And these venues are changing almost weekly on how effective they can and cannot be.

What’s the Solution?
Unfortunately the actual traffic building will most likely take a hired company to help. Even in this arena most companies are struggling to keep up with Googles search changes (i.e. penguin, panda, etc.). If you want to get some traffic onto your site however it is a necessary evil so to speak.

Items like “long tail keyword phrases” and proper “links” can have a huge impact of whether you’re on Page 1000 or Page 1 of a search. Is the top fold correct? Do you have too many ads? Is your provider giving the right speed for your site? Then you have the integration with twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and others. Are your page elements proper? Page title, Meta description, Meta keywords. And of course last but not least is you must have proper content.

All these items can be handled by a single SEO company typically. The days of 100’s of random links will definitely get you traffic is over. You need to connect with a company that can change and refocus as things change in the market place and search engine world. Do some homework on the company you connect with.

Make sure you have a reasonable budget to actually get the job done. Also understand that this is not a 1 month commitment and that any SEO effort you make is still at the mercy on how fast Google works.

Online advertising is not unlike any other marketing venue. You need to be consistent and committed to make it work. The good news is there are really phenomenal results coming from this new marketing direction.

Starting a website for eCommerce or lead generation has never been easier. With the right SEO partner it can be a powerful marketing tool like non other. Take the time to do it right the first time and I promise you leads and sales will follow. Good luck!

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  1. Good stuff Chris! Indeed, just building the site is only the beginning. Creating a traffic flow to feed it and quality content to make it stick is key to success!

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