2018 Sales Playbook and Sales Challenge Quiz!
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Don’t miss out on this ALL NEW 2018 Sales Playbook and Sales Challenge Quiz! Make 2018 your best sales year ever. Hire. Analyze. Motivate!


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2018 Sales Playbook

We just released the all new 2018 Sales Playbook!

2018 totallysales Sales Playbook – Designed for sales professionals by a sales and management professional. Here’s what others are saying:

NEWS ALERT! Now with Bonus Business Owner/Sales Manager feature articles: How to Present a Sales Playbook and Ramp Up Salespeople in less than thirty days!

“Home Run… Just a quick note of thanks for allowing me to connect. I have reviewed your Playbook and must say you hit a home run. I especially like the correlation between Good vs Great.
Over the years I have seen both and with this tool you should have no excuses. One should always plan their work and work their plan. Again well done.” – Wes

“I was recently given the opportunity to lead a sales team. The first thing I did was get this playbook. As a rep, I’d worked for Chris and knew the Success Playbook well. When I showed this to my team and my bosses, they all reacted the same way: just what we need! Every sales manager and his/her team needs to use this Playbook!” – Stuart

No reason to hesitate. It’s FREE for a limited time! Download the 2018 totallysales Sales Playbook and start your team on a path of true success!

2018 Sales Challenge Quiz

We just released the all new 2018 Sales Challenge Quiz!!

Are you the best of the best? Let’s find out!

totallysales™ Sales Challenge Quiz is designed to root out whether the participant truly understands sales techniques and processes. This can be for self-evaluation or used as a pre-interview screening tool. The questions can be subjective rooting out sales philosophies. It only takes a couple of minutes and at the very least it can be informative and fun. See how you measure up. Take the challenge!


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