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You know it’s time for a new website. Maybe you’re a new business start-up and have no clue where to begin. Or possibly you’re an existing business tired of your old site that’s not even a good online business card or brochure. So many have tried to build their own website, or paid too much money for a mediocre one, that failed with no one visiting much less purchasing. Sound familiar?


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Get it right the first time!


How many times are you going to be lured into a “cheap” web build solution to have it look terrible, not convert, and a total waste of time and money? Stop it! Let us help you get it right the first time with a complete analysis, discovery and solution delivered on budget and in a timely manner. We will never over promise and under deliver. totallysales™ will set things up for you to continue on simple and easy.


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Why we’re different.


We understand the sales and business process because our owner has been and is successful in both. As a business owner, sales professional and sales executive Chris understands the image and goals that are desired. He understands your pains and expediencies. In other words… We get it!

totallysales™ is a business web marketing group that has specific offerings. We are not trying to be everything to everyone. If there is a synergy between us and your company we will take on your project. If not we will part friends. We are picky and you should be as well.

If you are looking for a “flat fee” cookie cutter solution we are not your guys. That’s exactly the potential customers we are asked to fix. With that said, we will give a quote that fits your goals, clearly, and competitively.


What we do.


We will set up your site based on the popular WordPress platform and business template. We offer advanced features like responsive and mobile-view designs, an infinite scrolling blog, and simple and easy e-commerce. Even though we offer advanced features we’re always focused on above-fold, conversion and heatmap design. Every customer will have their own back-end dashboard to monitor what’s going on with their site and success metrics. We’ll setup a child-theme, your auto back-ups, security, and comment/registration spam-proofing your new business site. All the while showing the best places (and best pricing) for logo’s, images, and hosting. Saving you big! Once the site is done we will partner with you on your content creation with focus on specific local SEO and social media goals.


Get the leads and sales you’re looking for.


I know… I know… You’ve heard it before. Leads, sales, etc.. Some folks even guarantee this will happen. There’s just no way they really can. Understand that the internet market place is a fluid, ever-changing, entity. What works today could possibly not work tomorrow. Welcome to marketing in general. Also it just might not be the site but what the offer is. Sorry but that’s the butal truth of it. With that said… What we will do for you is give you an easy popular platform to work with designed to tackle lead and sale generation. It will represent your company in the light desired. Also we will share some strategies that work today and as they change we will share again. We want to be your partner in making this endeavor successful.

  • Social Media Strategies – Credibility, Resource and Lead Generation!
  • Advanced SEO Design – Get Found without Gimmicks!
  • Powerful Content Management using WordPress – Easy Content Tool
  • eCommerce – Simple and Easy with SEO in Mind!
  • And much more…

    What we’re not.


    totallysales is not your business and tax consultants. Way beyond our scope of work. Sorry. You will need to have you’re own business posse so that we can set things up properly. This is important for the success of your web marketing endeavour. Especially for ecommerce. If your current tax advisor, accountant, and/or CPA is not up to speed for ecommerce sales tax compliance simply Google “tax services for ecommerce” to view tax resources available.


    Our discovery for your success!


    Our discovery questions have been designed so we can build your site right the first time! While it might seem a little overwhelming at first it really isn’t that bad… we promise. It’s just that we want to make sure everyone is on the same page. We want to make sure we are “getting” your business and your goals. Our competitors typically don’t. They sign you up not fully understanding the web design process and who is responsible for what. Communications break-down, fingers start pointing and bad designs ensue. Don’t let this happen to you!



    Contact us for a free project estimate or WordPress website marketing evaluation.


    Stop waiting and get on the new marketing platform to attract today’s customers. It’s just a simple form away! Or maybe you would rather call us direct? Please feel free to do so at (602) 730-5734. No high pressure sales pitch we promise!

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