totallysales™ Sales PlayBook

Sales PlayBook.

Sales PlaybookFor the seasoned pro or newly hired… follow this Sales Playbook 4 plays success program (activity, targets, self-improvement and commitment) and ignite your sales career! This is not a long winded ebook with dated advice. My totallysales™ Sales Playbook for 2017 is an easy to read and understand success guide and workbook. That’s the beauty of it! Simply answer a few questions and implement. It really is that easy.

Why a Sales PlayBook?

Managers typically want to tell the sales professional how to perform. Many times not really knowing themselves what will make a specific salesperson successful. If they don’t perform… negative or what I like to call “stick management” ensues. You know the drill, performance improvement plan’s, critical annual reviews, and negative one on ones.

“Home Run… Just a quick note of thanks for allowing me to connect. I have reviewed your Playbook and must say you hit a home run. I especially like the correlation between Good vs Great. Over the years I have seen both and with this tool you should have no excuses. One should always plan their work and work their plan. Again well done.” – Wes

“I was recently given the opportunity to lead a sales team. The first thing I did was get this playbook. As a rep, I’d worked for Chris and knew the Success Playbook well. When I showed this to my team and my bosses, they all reacted the same way: just what we need! Every sales manager and his/her team needs to use this Playbook!” – Stuart

This sales playbook is designed for the salesperson to fill out what they think they need to do to be successful. Then the manager can mentor their progress regularly throughout the year. A real win-win and partnership for both the sales manager and sales professional.