totallysales™ Sales Challenge Quiz

Sales Challenge Quiz.


Are you the best of the best? Let's find out!


totallysales™ Sales Challenge Quiz is designed to root out whether the participant truly understands sales techniques and processes. It only takes a couple of minutes and at the very least it can be informative and fun. See how you measure up. Take the challenge!


Quiz Score Card:

50 correct answers:
Sales professional extraordinaire! Very few, and I mean very few, people score 100%. Congratulations! You're the best of the best!

43-49 correct answers:
This person is the real deal. They were taught correct sales processes and understand winning sales techniques. They are most likely always in the top 10%.

33-42 correct answers:
This person has potential. They get the overall picture and with some focused coaching most likely could become a sales leader.

23-32 correct answers:
Most will score in this range if they have had any sales experience before. Typically middle of the pack performance.

18-22 correct answers:
This person probably has developed some bad habits along the way. If teachable... they could be a diamond in the rough and with correct sales coaching could turn things around.

17 or less correct answers:
This person is either brand spanking new to sales or should reconsider their career choice.


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