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Why does totallysales™ offer web design and management consulting? How in the world does meshing these two make sense when most companies are offering one or the other? At one time this probably didn’t make sense. However, in today’s business environment that couldn’t be further from the truth. Online branding, marketing, e-commerce and lead generation projects are intertwined with sales at so many levels today. And… in turn, sales organizations need to understand how to capitalize on these new strategies. It would be foolish to think otherwise. Doesn’t it make sense then to partner with someone that has been working successfully, for years, doing just that!


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With my totallysales™ Management System I can help you turn your sales team around! I will share my extensive experience with you on how to hire right, analyze correctly and motivate properly. I understand the sales and business process because I have been and am currently successful in both. As a business owner, sales manager and sales executive I understand the metrics needed and goals that are desired. I understand your pains and expediencies. In other words… I get it!

totallysales™ Management System – Let me help you turn your sales team around! Hire right, analyze correctly and motivate!

Hire – totallysales™ HireRite Quiz – New hiring technique!
Analyze – totallysales™ SuccessTrax – A metrics tool for the rest of us!
Motivate – totallysales™ Sales PlayBook – Designed for sales professionals by a sales and management professional.


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You know it’s time for a new website. Maybe you’re a new business start-up and have no clue where to begin. Or possibly you’re an existing business tired of your old site that’s not even a good online business card or brochure. Many have tried to build their own website or paid too much money for a mediocre one that failed with no one visiting much less purchasing. Sound familiar?

totallysales™ Web Marketing Group – Let us design your next business website and get it right the first time! We can help you get the leads and sales you’re looking for.

Social Media Strategies – Credibility, Resource and Lead Generation!
Advanced SEO Design – Get Found without Gimmicks!
Powerful Content Management using WordPress – Easy Content Tool.
e-Commerce – Simple and Easy with SEO in Mind!