totallysales™ Playbook 2014 - Designed for sales professionals by a sales and management professional.

For the seasoned pro or newly hired… following my 4 plays success program (activity, targets, self-improvement and commitment) will ignite your sales career! This is not a long winded ebook with dated advice. My totallysales™ Playbook 2014 is an easy to read and understand success guide and workbook. That’s the beauty of it! Simply answer a few questions and implement. It really is that easy.

“Home Run… Just a quick note of thanks for allowing me to connect. I have reviewed your Playbook and must say you hit a home run. I especially like the correlation between Good vs Great. Over the years I have seen both and with this tool you should have no excuses. One should always plan their work and work their plan. Again well done.” – Wes

NEW! Now with a motivational excerpt on how to go from a “good sales professional” to a “great sales professional”!

Here is a quick preview of a couple of the pages in this powerful sales tool!